The Gym Trainer
Client Reviews

”Larissa is an amazing trainer and such a wonderful person. Not only is she super motivating and excellent professionally, but she is also a ray of sunshine is this busy world.  I loved her wonderful positivity that shone through every single session and her never ending encouragement to reach my goals and feel great about myself.
Larissa made every session fun and fulfilling. In 6 weeks my strength has increased so much! Larissa is supportive, fun, friendly and genuinely cares about her clients. Not only have I noticed the physical benefits of being stronger, more toned and generally healthier, but mentally I am the happiest I’ve ever been and feel such a sense of achievement from what I was able to accomplish with the help of Larissa. Not only do I consider her to be the BEST (female) trainer in the whole of Amsterdam, I now consider her a  friend. I don’t think even Larissa realises how much of a positive impact she has had on my life!
For those that are hesitating about whether to pursue personal training, do it! Sign up a trial session first with Larissa and I’m sure you will find your inner motivation to subscribe to more sessions, like I did!”


I’ve been having physical complaints that a 28-year old should not have, so I decided to do something about it. My problem: I LOVE food and being lazy. My lifestyle was not at all a healthy lifestyle. Larissa helped me realize what my condition was and what the impact would be in the long term. Furthermore, she helped me reinvent my lifestyle in a way that I can make smart choices that don’t necessarily force me to give up anything I don’t want to give up. Her guidance goes way further than the 2-3 hours per week we work out together. She makes me do stuff I hate (split squads, seriously, what monster invented those), but that I know are good for me and actually make me feel better. We’ve been working out for a little over a month now and I already notice progress, both in strength and in cardio, which is way earlier than I expected. Larissa helps me make life look good on me again.



”I had a wonderful time training with Larissa, I truly had a blast. Thanks to her, I now enjoy going to the gym and push myself to new limits.

She did more than just being my personal trainer. It was more like having a dedicated coach as she also shared her knowledge about weight lifting, nutrition or the human body while carefully following my progress for 4 months. 

She helped me achieve my goals as I gained about 8kg of muscle mass at the end of the personal training. I was really impressed by her skills and professionalism and that’s the reason why she is the only other person I call “Boss”.

Now it’s time for me to pursue this lifestyle on my own and although I already miss the time I spent with her, I can still hear her voice when I try to go for these extra reps. 

Again, thank you Boss”


I have been training together with Larissa. The personal training sessions have been effective, supportive and motivational but most of all fun. Larissa gave me a clear insight on how to improve the strength of my muscles. My goal was to tone, shape and lose weight. I can say that I am very proud of the things I have achieved in such a short period of time. Creating a healthy lifestyle has also to do with understanding what you eat and how to eat efficiently. There has not been a moment that I have regretted taking the pt session with Larissa since the feeling of achieving your goals is definitely worth it. I feel confident, beautiful and strong. Want to thank You Larissa for all of it.